Thursday, 5 September 2013

Taking you back to the beginning

It is currently September 2013.
Are you ready to travel back with me?
Screen-shot photos at the ready, iphone posing about to be shared, and a pictoral journey of my changing body about to be available for you all to see - photos which i had stored in a secret location to my phone incase anyone was to look through my camera roll.
You know this feeling...

I have to start off by saying i was never chubby or fat or whatever. I am not under any false belief that i was overweight. I am just a perfectionist. A person who knows what i want and criticises when its not how i expect it to be. I am a size 8, 5ft 3 petite girl, but the goals i set in life mean i refuse to be average or just content. I want to transform. So i must start off by apologising if i have lead anyone to believe this was some metamorphosis transformation. Its more just a smaller scale of 


August Summer pics when in Malta
First meal of the day was at 5pm. Ate/Binged continuously until 11pm. Stomach would be so full i would feel physically sick. No exercise done other than walking and swimming/planking on a sunbed. I never ate fast food or anything, my meals consisted of chicken, cottage cheese/maltese ricotta, frozen yoghurt, salads, vegetables. But an excess of calories equates to an excess of calories. Plus my metabolism was dying. 

September-December 2012

Monday am: Fasted cardio 1xweek
Spinning (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) 45 minute classes 3x week
Abs (although didn't know what exercises to do so just ran though the motions): 1x week
Squats and lunges with weights, Pushups, Pressups (Wednesday evening): 1x week 
Cheerleading gymnastic training 3x week (Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays)
Rest day either Saturday or Sunday, which was also the night i would go out into my favourite places in Mayfair, London.

Diet (ashamed to say i ate this little):
Breakfast 8am: Oat-so-simple pot, black coffee
Lunch 1pm: chicken salad (no carbs)
Snack: small pot of fruit/ bag carrots/cherry tomatoes
PWO: Protein shake or protein bar 
Dinner: tuna/chicken salad with cottage cheese (again no carbs)
If hungry after i would binge on quater box of cereal/granola (Didn't occur during the first 5 weeks but happened 1-2x week thereafter)

6 Week Progress Pictures
Starting point: September 2013

                                                            6-12 Weeks

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