Thursday, 5 September 2013

1st June 2013 - 1st July 2013

Here are photos of my Journey, starting in June. Notice i said journey- not transformation, not "3 weeks to lose 30lbs" sh*t, but gradual changes where i am in no rush to get results that are short term quick fixes, but a journey to discover my strengths, and push my body to limits. I discuss my training regime as well as my diet, which is BY THE WAY, paramount to improvements. I don't just mean that if you don't diet you wont see results, but i mean (as learned from before), if your diet is extremely restrictive the results wont be long term. And you'll be too weak and lacking in energy to properly enjoy your body. It really is about changing and adapting a lifestyle which works best for you in terms of your personality, daily routines, old habits and goals. Truth is, you can't just follow an exercise regime that works for your "fitspo"- i mean yes, there are generic facts, like the benefit of fat burn with HIIT and heavy weights that is true for all, but ultimately you can't just follow their exercise and diet routine and hope for the same results. The body doesn't work like that- our genetics wont let that happen. I have to work 923423948324 times as hard as some of my friends that have washboard stomachs after accidentally doing a sit up on the way to reaching for a biscuit. That's life. Its your own journey so start putting your focus on your own journey, using others experience to guide you and motivate you, but ultimately you've got to find what works for you.

Before looking through the pictures:
* There are times where i woke up at 5.30am to get a workout in before i spent the entire day revising for my 4th year medical school exams, so the bags under my eyes are fab, the anxiety and stress in my face is great, and the rush to take pictures was wonderful. 
* In some pictures i am wearing 2 sports bras, which some people may find strange. Those with boobs will understand that there is no limit to the amount of support that should be provided by girls who enjoy running and jumping/rapid vertical movement
* I am aware there is such thing as too many photos. But, also aware that i do not care.
* I was not aware that i would ever write a blog sharing my photos- they were supposed to be locked away on my phone, with the occasional share on Instagram/Twitter (@allysaetta), so apologies for the cans of deodorant, bottles of shampoo, general bathroom appliances such as sinks, baths, and showers that enjoy the limelight.
* I am messy so this means the mirrors aren't clean, the mirrors in my house are ridiculous and either short&wide so show only your torso or tall&narrow so the photo looks like your trapped inside a keyhole. I apologise but one day i will buy a mirror that doesn't make me cringe when i look back at my pictures. 

June 2013

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