Thursday, 5 September 2013

My most recent pictures

Taken on September 4th 2013

Most of my progress photos are from my iphone.    

I do realise i lack in adequate photography skills, not to mention cropping out the background, but let us pretend i wanted you guys to see a corner of my bath tube and one tile of my bathroom. Sharing is caring.

I have stuck to what my experience in fitness and nutrition has lead me to believe is optimal for me since June 2013. In April I got back into fitness after a 2 month rut where previous training and poor nutrition lead me to be extremely tired, mainly because my diet consisted of inadequate calories, not enough carbohydrates and good fats, which meant a lot of 8pm bingeing on any carbohydrates i could find such as oatmeal and granola, and then feeling horrendously guilty the next day and punishing myself at the gym. I had no goal in mind, I had no focus, I was just a novice wanting to get one of those bodies you continuously see being "shouted out" on instagram, or flagged by celebrities as "thinspo". I didn't know how to achieve it and fell into the trap of "exercise as much as you can and eat as much protein as you can". I forgot that i was human, not a robot, and whilst in the short term i dropped weight fairly rapidly, it was a short term fix and not a long term solution. Not a- we all know this fitfam term was coming - "lifestyle change"

It was only in July, when I got talking to someone in my gym who made me realise dreams aren't just fantasies. Okay, if you dream too irrationally then you may want to ignore my last statement. BUT if your dreams are rational, logical and there is a plan for you to achieve it then why the hell can you not fulfil your goal. I am extremely head strong and determined, and man i got inspired. My dedication to goals can be great because i give 100% into challenges i want to succeed in. But terrible in ways that it means i give 0% in things i don't care about. If it doesn't fuel my fire, i.. well.. how this picture puts it..

I realised i could achieve whatever i wanted as long as i had passion and a plan- a plan i stuck to and devoted time to improve upon. The journey began, and 3 months later that is the result (Picture of my bathroom/me above, and a picture this summer during the heatwave in UK)

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