Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Review: Restaurant: GymsKitchen


Place: Leyton, East London. New one opening in Essex.

If you're hungry.. or on one of those juice cleanses i have recently blogged about.. look away now, LOOK AWAY NOW!!

Scrambled egg, Asparagus, Mixed Salad, Bean Salad, Sweet Potato, Chicken breast

Tofu, Broccoli, Asparagus, Bean salad, Mixed salad, Scrambled egg
The colours, the presentation, the HEALTH that is radiating off the plate, through the computer screen, into my eyes, my mouth and my stomach. Ok.. too much i know, but it's almost time for Meal 3 so i apologise for my taste buds doing all the talking in this one.

This place is really amazing: the people who work there and run this business are so lovely and friendly, the food is just incredible and there is a lot of satisfaction that comes with knowing you've eaten out in a restaurant (and the prices are excellent), and it was healthy! Plus if you take time to peel your eyes off your plate, and look around, a lot of people there are good looking with amazing bodies. That being said, don't be intimidated because there is a real big range in the customers! Young and old, all sizes, but all really friendly.

This is my favourite restaurant because, like i said, i love the fact that it is so healthy. They even have the calories and macronutrient (carb,protein,fat) breakdown on the menu!

Ok i saved the best picture till last....
Protein Pancake with Apple&Blueberries, Chocolate flavoured Protein ice-cream, Peanut butter

yoooooooou're welcome ;)

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