Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Protein Discount Card

Discount? I like the word Discount. It isn't too dissimilar to the word free AND WE ALL LOVE THE WORD FREE.
So £239423904832423 of my money these days seems to be spent on either Food, Supplements, Gym Clothes and.. nope just those 3. They're totally worth that investment, but sometimes a little help in the financial support of them is always appreciated ;). So i came across "Protein Discount Card" on Twitter, and at first i had my doubts because.. well.. WHO is that nice to offer a discount on protein!? But i went on their website and there really is NOTHING to lose. It is completely free to set up an account and completely free to get a discount card sent to your door- which arrived around 4 days after i applied for one. 
Me being skeptical I always try to look for a possible reason behind such nice-ness, and i suppose that when you get given a discount you're more likely to shop. January sales anybody? I mean, you don't even WANT or NEED that top, but £10 off? OKAY. So the same goes- you may not NEED to top up your supply of whey (who am i kidding.. you ALWAYS need to top up your supply of whey!).. but you get the jist. And in order to buy the products (only a select few have the discount, whereas if you pay for a VIP card then you get more for a discount)- good business minds ;). And thirdly, my other suspicion was that not only is it advertisement for the brands- you have to go onto the website of the brand and then checkout, but whilst on the website you may see another product you "NEED". OVERALL, if you have some self control and would like some assistance in saving money on your fitness journey, then definitely sign up to this!
Money needed to be saved after my shop in Nike Town yesterday XD

My card 

Brands Include: #ProteinWorks #MuscleFood #MyProtein #USN #MonsterSupplements #GoldStarSupplements #Pro10 #Kinetica #BikiniBody #UrbanCelebrityClothing #SmartShake #MensFitness

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