Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Review: Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

Being naturally fair, with very light eyebrows, I spent a lot of my time relying on eyebrow-tinting and drawing in my eyebrows as part of my makeup-daily routine (Dior Eyebrow Pencil was, in my opinion, the best), and i had been thinking about permanent eye-brow tattoo for sometime. These sort of images (see below) terrified the life out of me/ eyebrows off of me, and i held out for a long time. I did my research, i looked for a reputable place and i considered it for some time. Tracie Giles and her incredible work was featured on The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE), and it really did look amazing- you couldn't tell that the eyebrows were tattood on, as they looked so natural- nothing like the horror pictures you see, and nothing like you imagine the word 'tattoo' to represent.

So, I went ahead and booked a consultation, and went to knightsbridge (where the clinic is) to discuss the shape and look i was after, and get her advice. I told her that i loved the shape, thickness and dark colour of Megan Fox's eyebrows, and she drew the shape with pencil. I was sold.

I went ahead and booked in to get it done, and it is honestly one of the best investments i have ever done. I don't need to use my eyebrow pencil/spend time drawing a perfect shape and never being really content with how they look. Eyebrows, strangely, do a lot for the face, and i realised that waking up in the morning, going to the gym, having a shower etc, you just always look acceptable because they make your eyes stand out. 
First layer of tattoo-ink
The first layer of tattoo-ink is applied following application of numbing cream. The sensation, varies from a slight scratching (bearable) to nothing when the numbing kicks in. The stencilling takes about 1hour and you check it before the tattoo is used, so can make any amendments so that it is perfect. The tattoo-ing then takes about 30-40 minutes. It is actually somewhat relaxing. You then need to book in after a few weeks to have the 2nd layer applied, and the real results are then because there will be some slight fading in between the 2 appointments. Nonetheless, the fading is minimal and better than what your eyebrows look without it! Noone notices my eyebrows are tattood; the tattoo is so perfectly realistic it looks like hairs. I get my eyebrows threaded/tweeze the hairs that grow around the tattoo stencil, and of course leave the hairs that grow on top of the stencil. 
I laugh, but i also agree.
Eyebrows and Lips- Megan Fox is blessed
 Well, me-being-me I then became interested in tattoo on the lips! Permanent lip colour that makes your lips look bigger- errr COUNT ME IN!! So i saved up, and made the investment. The same system goes- you need 2 layers of tattoo. This does hurt a little more because your lips are more sensitive and i would say the scratching of the tattoo is - at times- unbearable but i have learnt to a) ask for more numbing cream, and b) take paracetamol 30 minutes before my appointment!! Also, do not do this on the week of a special occassion. My lips were swollen for 2 days, and the pigment does peel for around 5 days, and your lips are so dry it is not attractive.

After when at home- Swollen!!

 FYI: You can still use lipstick- the pigment of the lipstick is thicker than that of the tattoo.

Personal opinion: Both are fantastic investments - one of my best decisions, and i will continue to get these done.

Top-ups are required between 9-12months. I am one of those stupid people that use Sunbeds, and this does lighten the tattoo so I need it done every 10months, but some people, particularly older people who don't break down the pigment as quickly, will not need it as frequently!

 Celebrities that have used Tracie Gile's services:
- Katie Price aka Jordan
- Jessica Jane Clement
- Chantell Houghton 
- TOWIE: Lucy Meck, Jessica Wright, Lauren Goodger
- Geordie Shore: Sophie, Charlotte

Take a look at the website to see close up of the pictures- you can see how realistic the eyebrows look even from a zoomed-in angle!


  1. Indeed, it’s a great investment. It could be quite time-consuming to shape your eye brows, paint and repaint your lips everyday just to look presentable. With permanent makeup, you have the look on-the-go any time of the day. Congrats on getting yours perfectly done! Emily @ Age Less Laser Centres

  2. Keeping a great look requires huge maintenance and demands, and resorting to have permanent makeup surely does make the difference. Imagine, you don’t only save money on buying new cosmetics, but time and effort as well. I’m glad that you had a wonderful experience. Cheers!

    Eleonore Zetrenne