Monday, 23 September 2013

Promotion Work

On Sunday 22nd September I was lucky enough to meet and work with the brains behind Protein World and 3 really lovely girls, two of who were Miss Hertfordshire 2013, and a semi-finalist in So You Think You Can Dance. We helped the guys out at Protein World [Pure Performance]- a new supplement company, which launches on 24th September, at a Rugby tournament in Richmond. Everyone was really friendly- it was such a fun day and a great experience.
About Protein World:
The guys who tried the Whey and Recovery Whey- Chocolate and Vanilla flavour- seemed to really like the sweet taste, smoothness and consistency.
The packaging is really simple, which i really like.
No Genetically Modified Organism used in their products
No Aspartame
Focused on the enhancing your Strength and Power, without compromising on the Quality.
The prices are excellent and range around the £20 figure.
@Proteinworld on Instagram and Twitter
Over the past few months i have really been doing my research on supplements, and the importance of optimising your performance. On sunday, one of the main things that i really took home from the day was that a lot of people don't really know why they are taking a supplement, or even what it is. I also really enjoyed being outgoing, and confidently talking to the rugby players about the brand and just really try and represent the brand as much as possible.
After the day, it motivated me to go straight to the gym and LIFT LIFT LIFT- I loved being able to represent a brand, and i want to make sure that i am physically in the best shape possible to do so.

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