Saturday, 21 September 2013

A New Perspective

Saturday 21st September

Its breakfast time over here and I LOVE MY BREAKFAST. There was a time (around 2 years ago) when i never ate breakfast- i would try to fast until about 3 pm- and then BOY WAS I HUNGRY/ATE EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IN MY SIGHT.

Breakfast is important because it is "breaking the fast". You haven't eaten since dinner, and for some people thats around 5-6pm. You have to not only fuel your body (think of it like a car), but you have to give those poor muscles that take a good pounding at the gym some lovin'. And just like food is the way to a man's heart (stereotyped but true XD), but as is your muscles'.

For me breakfast is simple and quick (it has to be or i'd start eating the kitchen appliances), and its 40g of Rolled Oats (that bag full of oats in the supermarket that you usually walk past to pick up the ready-made-oat pot [at least i did] ) with Skim milk- and a handful of berries that didn't make the cut into my pic. The yellow..stuff.. is 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites. It may look slightly gross in this pic, but i assure you in the 0.4seconds it took me to inhale all this food IT WAS YUMMY.
Oats: Low Glycaemic Index and therefore provide slow release energy.
Eggs: Your muscles haven't been fed since dinner, YOU GIVE YOUR DAMN MUSCLES SOME PROTEIN.
Berries: antioxidants and fibre.

Last week i met with a trainer to discuss competing in the Bikini Level Competition (undecided which federation), and now all systems are go :). I have been thinking about this for a while- i like goals and challenging myself; i love to work towards something because it gives this more of a purpose. I can't wait to experience the highs and the lows- and you will experience them WITH ME thanks to this blog. SORRY NOT SORRY.

Here is a picture i took this morning.
 I am only seeing my trainer once a week to destroy my glutes. I wasn't blessed with a bum and i have high goals in my mind SEE PICTURE
Amanda Latona: IFBB Pro
If she can do it, I can do it. If she can have it, I can have it. ITS SIMPLE. You just have to work hard to get it: The step to take from "i want" to "i have" is "to do". 
The other days i am training myself. I've done my research, and i know what i am doing so i trust myself to get my arms, chest and back how i want them to be. The glutes just need some extra help! I also have slightly adjusted my diet to make sure i have enough protein during the times when i need it the most. 
If you would like me to go through more detail, exercise regimes, routines or form then Instragram me @allysaetta to let me know and that will be my next blog.

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