Monday, 9 September 2013

Review: Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

My first ever experience of eyelash extensions was when i was 18 going on holiday to Aiya Napa with school friends after A Levels. I wanted to be able to wake up in the morning, go straight to the pool without thinking about mascara/waterproof makeup and be able to look acceptable at all times. Plus i had seen so many celebrities with them, and i was really after that Barbie-pristine look. Looking back, i remember asking for the "thickest, longest, fakest", and lucky for me (although maybe i didn't see it at the time), they didn't give me some ridiculous fake looking ones you see LOADS of girls with, because they said it really is dependent on how long your own lashes are and how many lashes you have. I believe there is a rule about the length of the fake lash in regards to the length of your own. Now, if anyone tells me differently, i will run a mile because that just increases the likeliness of damage. For the first 3 days they were great because they were all intact and neat/none had crossed over. But as i sleep on my side/front, wore sun cream, sweat, swam, some started falling out and it just didn't look as full. I was also starting to use eye-liner and mascara on top of this (you can do this, but it just shortens the lifespan), and.. well.. they started to irritate me. 

Thereafter, my next experience was when i was going on holiday with my boyfriend at the time, and wanted - again- to look pristine at all times. Again, after 3-5 days (less because i wasn't layering on the mascara and being pushed into the pool by random guys around the hotel in aiya napa), they started to look a bit.. used and abused? I then decided, the hype was exaggerated about them. But then - because i like to exhaust every avenue- i decided to get them done again but with a different company, that was also known to be good. I, again, spent £70 for a new set, and other than leaving me with a slight addiction and less eyelashes, i wasn't impressed. I was however nervous to take them off to see the damage it had done. Luckily, as i only used them twice in a row, not much damage was actually done, but it was weird to see my own eyelashes again (shorter, paler, thinner)- so i would advise eyelash tinting for after.

My most recent experience was in April 2013 (5 months ago). Now i had NO intention of getting these done again, but i went to get Lasik on my right eye and discovered- ON THE DAY OF THE SURGERY- that you can't wear makeup on your eye for a week- AND I WAS GOING ON HOLIDAY THE NEXT DAY. I quickly booked in to one of the salons nearby (which happened to be the salon where i get my eyebrows threaded) and arranged to get eyelash extensions. I am not advising anyone do this, or even go on holiday, around the date of Lasik, but desperate times calls for desperate measures. I LOVED THEM. For the first 5 minutes i hated them because they were still not as full as the look i go for when i go clubbing- but after 5 minutes they grew on me AND I LOVED THEM. They looked pretty from the side and birds-eye and i was so happy that i didn't need makeup to feel acceptable. I went on holiday and they served the purpose, and after a few days again i started applying eyeliner and mascara to them. Then i was left with the slight addiction, and instead of booking to get them removed, i found myself booking for an infil. This continued, and my excuse was that i needed them for an upcoming beauty pageant (Miss Essex 2013). And i got them infilled 3-4 times before the lady doing them told me i needed to stop because it looks like i've lost a lot of my natural lashes, as she has noticed a difference. WAKE UP CALL. So i stopped, and for 3 weeks had to apply vaseline to my eyelashes before i slept everynight, and depend on eyelash strips when i went out. I believe this happened for a combination of reasons- infilling one after the other and not letting my own lashes recover, the person doing them was GREAT and clearly knew what she was doing but lets not overlook the fact it was a salon that is specialised in eyeBROW THREADING. Also, at this place a new set took 45minutes, whereas the salon before it was a 2hour process. Nonetheless, after a month of less eyelashes, and my eyelid was somewhat swollen for a prolonged period, my eyelashes grew back and i actually think they grew thicker and longer. One of those "trim your hair and your hair grows quicker" type of paradox perhaps. 

Lesson learnt: Reserve for special occasions, although they say lasts 3 weeks- perhaps only leave on for 2. Do not infil, get those bastards removed. And if you can wear eyelash strips, chose them over these. They do the exact same only don't leave you with damage and poverty.

Me on holiday with them (First set)
2nd set

Second Set

This is just F*in funny and true

Final set (3rd or 4th infil). Yes i am sleeping in a lecture.

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