Friday, 6 September 2013

Review: Pole Fitness

Pole Fitness

I have participated in 3 6week Pole Fitness courses in Hertfordshire over the last 3 years. One word: WOW. Now i have experienced 1 taster session in London, and it was terrible. For the whole hour i walked around the pole, and simply left feeling dizzy, and £15 poorer. I believe the instructor makes a huge impact to the class in terms of teaching style, as well as the other girls (or guys!) who participate in the class. There is some obvious stigma that "oh i'm going to a pole fitness class" equates to some people as "brb just about to head to the strip club, and dance on someones lap", but i can tell you IT IS AN ACTUAL FORM OF EXERCISE. It is also not for the faint hearted because not only does spinning make you slightly dizzy, but when you progress to hanging upside down you are having to squeeze your thighs around the pole and IT HURTS. I have a high pain threshold, but i have yet to experience a pole class where i don't swear.

Tips i wish i had known before starting:
* Don't feel shy when you are dancing on the pole- noone is judging you, noone thinks you're a slut, noone thinks you are deluded into thinking you are sexier than you are. In fact, i admire the girls who are confident and strut around the pole. 
* Minimal clothing ladies. Im talking hot pants (i love Victoria Secret or American Apparell booty shorts). I would advise Nike Pros- or similar- underneath because you do bend over, you do split your legs apart, and there is potential vag exposure. Sports bras are ideal, and if you're comfortable with your stomach then the more skin exposure the better.
* Shave. The instructor may help you get into positions on the pole and i have experienced too many times when she grabs my legs, and all i can think about is how much i wish i used a razor.
* Do warm up and stretch before and after. You use muscles you don't usually exercise in regular gym routines, so you will feel some soreness the day after.
* Don't moisturise before going to the class.
* Some people will progress quicker than you. Don't get disheartened by this. My theory is that they didn't evolve as much as some other humans and so their monkey-instincts to climb things i.e. pole/ tree is greater. 
* Don't be shy to get other people to take pictures/videos of you. Not only is it COMPLETELY normal to want to watch yourself do things that other people CANNOT do, but also it is really incredible to watch the video back because it IS impressive.

Here are some pictures and videos of my pole sessions. I am not that experienced, but with more sessions i am finding myself more determined to climb the pole and the fear of falling/not gripping/getting friction burn is lessening.

Check my Instagram for my 3 recent videos of new skills i learnt recently (video wont upload onto this site!) : @allysaetta

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