Thursday, 5 September 2013

Every Experience is a Lesson

After several months of devoting time and effort  to my gym workouts, emotional energy on my erratic eating habits, I wasn't able to keep up. I was living in Mile End, East London, at the time with 3 best friends whilst i studied my 4th year of Medicine, and as soon as i returned home my eating habits worsened; i lost the structure of regular, frequent small meals and it became more of a case of "trying to eat as little as possible"- come 5pm i was starving, and after fighting my cravings, around 7pm i gave in to my 'carb-tooth'. The weight increased pretty quickly. I was still exercising my butt off, hitting the spin classes and running on the treadmill but the calories were in excess. Not only that, but i changed gyms from my Uni gym, which had a "ladies only area, so you could squat, lunge and grunt like a man lifting weights with no worry", to a busy gym with a lot of young image-conscious guys who took over the weights section and for a young girl it was intimidating. I stuck to the treadmill, the crosstrainer, and the stepping machine, but the routine wasn't going anywhere. Without a goal i was going in circles, achieving 'maintenance' instead of 'progress'. When you look in the mirror and stop seeing results, but instead seeing yourself going backwards it is extremely demotivating, and it did get to me.

So to summarise, over Christmas holidays...

From January to April i went through these motions. No "progress pictures" were taken because of.. erm.. the lack of progress..

But this time something was different. No not the shampoo behind in the background (i swear i don't have dandruff, not quite sure why we have head and shoulders lying around). This time i was motivated. More motivated than ever. I had faced the struggles of getting a body i had desired to get, and throughout that process i learnt from my mistakes- that i could not do this long term if i was only thinking short term goals, that i could not be so deficient in calories that i was unable to enjoy life and live healthily, and that i knew i needed to really think about a structure in terms of my gym routine. Failing at it had actually helped me learn so much- lessons i would never have learnt otherwise had i had not failed the first time. Now failing isn't this beautiful eye-opening experiencing i seem to be selling- it really sucks. For months i looked back at my old pictures, fantasising about being that size again but not knowing how i was going to enter that mind set again. And it took time, a lot of time. But i was able to plot and plan - even subconsciously- and read around the subject of exercise and nutrition. OH AND BELIEVE ME there is alot to read. A lot of contradictions, a lot of theories and a lot of people not knowing what the F they are saying but they gonna preach it anyway. But i found what fit for me and my lifestyle. I worked around my circumstances and daily activities, and found ways to enjoy my workout and not see it as a burden. I took a lot more pictures this time, when you start out you see results pretty quickly and it is extremely motivating. 

Here are links to where i found helpful and science-proven/logical-i-could-believe-that-cos-it-kinda-does-make-sense information 

"WHAT THE HELL IM NOT TRYING TO BE A BLOODY BODYBUILDER WOMAN" i hear you cry. YES I KNOW BABES. This website isn't just for the big muscles wanting bigger muscles. This website has tried-and-tested excellent exercise and nutrition tips and LOTS OF THEM. I often looked at an exercise on the website, saw reviews, watched a video and tutorial, and if i was feeling REALLY SLOW AND BRAIN-NE-COMPRENDE i would go over to and watch them. Knowing the exercise in and out means you can guarantee perfect form, and so you wont be mega embarrassed at the gym when you try it for the first time.

2. Instagram. I know CRAZY. But did you know there are a lot of beautiful people on there that have a huge passion for fitness and nutrition and want to share it? Not only do their own pictures of their progress pictures make you question whether you want to be them or be on them, but they help share certain exercises.

Some don't use their real name, but if you type in their username..

Female physiques that motivate me, that also post exercises:
Amazing, young and fit @alexandrabring @lydiaemillen @jessipessi @moietys
Commercial fitness: @ellie_gonsalves @ashaburnley
Professionals/Fitness Models: @hardcoreainsley @stephaniedavisfitness @amandalatona @Nathaliamelofit @veebabyy
Amazing glutes: @jenselter
Not for the faint hearted: @andreiabrazier @bellafalconi_fitness

Male physiques that motivate me

There are also a number of excellent IG pages that share hot people and fitness tips. The ones with most followers are usually the best, but be aware that some do buy followers, so if they have 3424329k followers and 2 pictures, SWERVE.

3. Twitter
Again, through research of certain exercises and nutrition that works for you, you'll be directed to certain notorious professionals whose advice you trust.

4. Youtube.
If you're interested in Scientific-proven facts on exercise and nutrition, Dr Layne Norton's video logs (Twitter: @biolayne) are excellent.
Youtube is also a good way to find new exercises/ perfect known ones, or challenge them to make them harder. I personally think Scott Herman is excellent at explaining very good exercises for males and females

These two websites helped phenomenally when thinking about wanting a peachy bum, but having to consider the bulk of quads and hamstrings (my genetics means my quads like growth).

6. If you are looking to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat % on a serious fitness journey, perhaps with a goal in mind of one day competing then this website is excellent.

In particular, i would encourage you guys to watch the motivational video (scroll down through the pictures) on this page because it motivates you to not only have a killer workout, but makes you think you could somehow take over the world with just yourself, a sports bra, nike pros, and a big ass heavy dumbell.

Progress photos from the last 3 month are in my next Blog. There will be MANY because im camera-snappy-happy, and *no other reason so just accept it*.

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