Sunday, 20 July 2014

Been a while..

It has been a pretty long time since I have written a post, and the truth is I have been on a complete journey in the last few months. I have learnt so much in these past 10 months that I felt I wanted to share with others, but whilst i was learning i realised how wrong i had been in the past. I'll start off by saying that when i first decided to do a blog it was during a period in my life where I was beginning to immerse myself more into the fitness environment but i was still absolutely clueless about what was right in terms of reaching my goals, and what was hindering my progress. First off, damn i was skinny! Truth is, i didn't realise how skinny i was because i was on a quest for abs, and whilst every where else was losing fat, my abs never made their appearance. I just abided by the known quote 'consistency' is key, and hoped that if i kept going i'd somehow reach the destination i wanted. Well, the moment i assigned myself a contest prep coach and began my body building journey was the moment i realised i was under-nourished, had a pretty poor diet (in terms of one to support muscle building), i was doing the wrong exercises, OH THE LIST GOES ON. I didn't want to blog and talk to people about what i had done because it would mean me sharing incorrect information that would hinder other people. I even considered deleting the blog and starting afresh, but I think one day i'll be able to look back on it and see how far i've come.
First things first, my whole outlook on training and diet has completely changed. It is no longer "burn as many calories as possible, eat as little as possible". I had dedicated months to an 'off season' whereby  i literally ate to grow. My diet was one that supported muscle growth- ample protein, carbohydrates and fats- and my workouts involved lifting heavy. I wasn't used to having workouts revolving around weights, but i learnt quickly and fell in love. I suddenly had so much energy and enthusiasm for the gym, and i just felt healthy. It's a truly amazing feeling to feel healthy. I mean, during my off season my coach had my calories and carbs pretty high and i did put on a fair amount of fat as well as muscle, and that wasn't so fun. Having a year away from university meant i could hide my changing physique in baggy clothes and gym wear, but it was something that was very strange for me considering i spent the majority of my life wanting to be stick thin.
I am currently 5 weeks out until my first fitness competition, where i will be competing in UKBFF Kent Klassic. This will be the start of an amazing journey, and i truly cannot wait. I wanted to write this post to give an overview of where i'm at, but my future posts will be revolved around the lessons i have learnt spiritually throughout my journey. I hope the lessons i have learnt can help others as i believe they are universal and include challenges many if not all face, and aren't solely confined to the domains of the fitness-life, but ones that affect all aspects of life. On my journey, I've learnt that i am a deep and spiritual thinker, and i am going to embrace this aspect of my character in the hopes that it helps others.

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